Binary Signals are generally released at the beginning of every hour when markets are open. The exact signal frequency may depend on market conditions. A set of signals will contain between 5-10 recommended assets.

There are 3 types of binary options signals: 1 Hour, 30 Minute & 15 Minute alerts.
From the moment the signal released you have up to 5 minutes to place a trade. If you decide to follow the signal – simply enter the position with a given direction(Call/Put) and set the expiry time.

1 Hour Trading Signal Example:

Signal released at 15:03 GMT, asset: EUR/USD, direction: CALL.
Place a Call trade on the EUR/USD and set the expiry time for 16:00 GMT.

*Note, If you did not follow the signal within the first 5 minutes, it is strongly recommended not to open that trade. Binary Trading Signals are time sensitive and the relevance of each forecast can change significantly within a short time period.

Binary Options Signals display the volatile underlying asset & forecast the direction and expiration time in order to make a successful trade.

1. Select an asset & an expiry time. 2. Choose “Call” or “Put”, according to your prediction of the asset’s direction. 3.Wait For Expiry

Binary options are assets that deliver a fixed return based on the predicted forecast. They are the latest and most profitable financial instrument to conquer the global markets in the past few years